Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cabin Fever

Most of us in the east are more than ready for spring to break. I was visiting with a family the other day and they said they were about to kill each other. My daughters are "bored out of their mind", my wife is going stir crazy and even the family dog is going through "grass withdraw". There is nothing like feeling trapped in the house and longing for warm summer breezes and feet in the grass.

I was reading in Galations 4 and 5 this evening about the one who seeks righteousness by keeping the law verses the one who lives by faith. Paul does an awesome job comparing it to slavery and the two covenants of Sarah and Hagar. As I read, my mind wandered (yeah, it happens) to the parallel of cabin fever. I can't imagine living trapped in a house all my life, looking out the window at flowers blossoming and birds making nests; at lilies breaking through the soil and sunbeams dancing through the leaves of the trees and yet feeling as though I'm only getting a one dimensional experience. I want the REAL thing! That's righteousness by faith. That's grace, mercy and the free gift of God.

Well, the Weather Channel says cold again tomorrow, but I know that I'll be out of the "cabin" soon enough. Thank you Jesus that I'm already "out" of the law.

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